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Our Executive Team

Dr. Steven Johnson

Dr. Steven Johnson is the co-founders of Chic MD and has over a four decades of experience as a clinical physician.

Dr. Johnson received his medical degree and Internal Medicine specialty from Emory University. He then went on to further specialize at the London School of Tropical Medicine.

Dr Johnson's love of medicine led him to become the Director of Global Medical Programs for the United States' State Department. During his tenure with the United States Foreign Service, he had extensive dermatology experience with patients from around the world. 

He understands that to create a positive outcome, a doctor must listen and appreciate a person first, then personally guide them toward a successful result. A doctor’s job is to be one’s advocate, to find the source of the problem and discover the fix. We apply this philosophy at Chic MD through the guidance of Dr. Johnson and our executive team.

Helen Coquin

Helen is one of the co-founders of Chic MD and has over a decade of experience as a medical aesthetician. 
After growing up in Hilton Head, SC, she received her bachelor's degree from the University of South Carolina and went on to obtain her aesthetics degree. Helen then completed her medical aesthetician training in Orange County, CA.

Helen's passion for aesthetics led her to Austin, TX, where she was the lead medical aesthetician for three of the most prestigious plastic surgeons in Texas. She specialized in extensive skin transformations through use of lasers, chemical peels and medical grade skincare.

Following her continued love for the industry, Helen took a role as a business manager for one of the leading cosmeceutical brands in the world. Her focus was on training aestheticians on medical grade practices, products and procedures. 

Throughout Helen's career she has seen her clients come to her initially feeling overwhelmed and utilizing underperforming skincare products to achieve their skincare goals. This consistent theme within the industry led Helen to recognize the need for a science backed, personalized approach to planning a routine and shopping for skincare that is effective and consistent.   

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